How To Install Your Custom Horn Button
Items you will need to complete the change
•  8 mm socket and ratchet wrench (or 8mm end wrench)
• 4 mm Allen wrench
• 1-inch piece of thin double-sided tape
Step # 1
Release the outer ring and horn button as a unit by gripping the edge of the ring and lifting. You will notice that the wire is still connected to the horn but
Step # 2
From the backside of the horn ring push the horn button out. Carefully disconnect the wire from the horn button. Lay the ring aside.
Step # 3
Reattach the wire, and put the horn button back into the center of the steering wheel pushing into the recess firmly.
With the 8 mm socket or wrench remove the 6 bolts that hold the steering wheel to the hub.
Step # 4
Place the new crest button on the center of the Nardi horn button, this may require a small thin piece of double-sided tape. Too thick a piece of tape may cause the horn to be on all the time.
Step # 5
Place new horn ring over center of new crest aligning holes with the holes on the steering wheel.
Step # 6
Attach the ring to the steering wheel with 5 mm Allen screws, tightening evenly with the 4 mm Allen wrench, and floating crest button to center
Reconnect power
and test horn.