Options Order Confirmation
To confirm the order a signed original or faxed copy of the order form accompanied by a deposit check in the amount of $10,000.00 will begin construction.
Construction to take approximately ten to twelve weeks, depending on accessories and modifications. Black paint takes an extra week for curing a better finish.

A second check of $6,000.00 is required at the time painting begins. This check must have the color spelled out on it to assure we have the correct color. Year make and model or paint code will help to make the paint an exact match to your desired color. Three stage or special paints (pearls and extremes) will be billed for extra materials.
All modifications and options will be paid for at the time of installation You are encouraged to visit as often as your time permits and observe your car in various stages of build.

The third payment of $6,000.00 is due after the car body is painted, approximately 3 weeks. A 100 mile adjustment and break in period is necessary for proper settling of parts and components at which time the 100 Mile Service is to be performed.

This must be performed to maintain the warranty. All cars come with a 12 month 12000 mile warranty on parts & labor 24 months 24,000 mile on engine and transmission.

Sincerely yours;

John P. Steele