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550-A Spyder

Now available with Subaru Power
   2.5 DOHC FI Power with 180 HP or 230 JDM With A/C and
   Hot heater Modern Japanese Power in a Classic Look
1957 Speedster Replica

Not a cranky old unreliable sports car
but an incredible simulation!
Nostalgia and modern technology
come together in this fine automobile.
The Speedster turnkey.


1957 Flared SC
The Flared "SC" is the car THEY
would have built for racing
if they could have seen the future.
Outlaw flares on
a Classic Speedster body.
The Flared "SC" turnkey.

JPS has created new molds for its Replica A Coupe project and we're very excited with the results. Now this iconic car is ready to order with your choice of options and engines.
The Replica A Coupe - available as a turnkey only.

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